the three arc transfer modes in MIG welding. Can't see the puddle, but can see difference in spatter generation and can clearly hear the difference in the arc (even between short arc and globular).

Here's my brief explanation of the modes.

Short arc: Low wire feed speed (wfs) and voltage. Spatter, with uniform frying crackle sound. Wire hits, shorts, deposits, burns back, in regular fashion.

Globular: Medium wfs and voltage. Spatter, less uniform frying crackle sound. Similar to short arc, except arc is more erratic because larger "globs" form on the end of the wire.

Spray arc: High wfs and voltage. No spatter, no crackle, smooth hissing sound. Wire never shorts to the base metal, small droplets are propelled from the wire, across the arc to the puddle.

The second part of above video that shows slow motion, close-up, thru-the-lens view of wire and puddle! Very nice.

- Paul