 It is important to note that those electrodes ending
in "5," "6," or "8" are classified as "low hydrogen"
types. To maintain this low hydrogen (moisture)
content, they must be stored in their original
factory-sealed metal container or an acceptable
storage oven.
 This oven should be heated electrically and have a
temperature control capability in the range of 150°
to 350°F. Since this device will assist in the
maintenance of a low moisture content (less than
0.2%) it must be suitably vented.

 Any low hydrogen electrodes which are not to be
used immediately should be placed into the
holding oven as soon as their airtight container is
opened. Most codes require that low hydrogen
electrodes be held at a minimum oven temperature
of 250°F (120°C) after removal from their sealed

 Some electrode types are designed to have a
certain moisture level. If this moisture is
eliminated, the operating characteristics of the
electrode will deteriorate significantly.