Alloy Example

1006Junk steel stuff
1008 Auto body panels, & other stamped and extruded sheet steel
1018Garden tools, re-bar, and tire irons
1045Forged steel crank shafts, truck trailer axle spindles
1050Locomotive axles
1030Chain ASTM A391
1068Railroad rail
1070Valve springs
1080Sledge hammer
1090Leaf springs and coil springs on automobiles, plowshares
1340 & 4520 Wheel studs
1541Drive axles for trucks
15B41Forged connecting rods
4027Sears Craftsman (tm) brand hand tools
4130Aircraft structural members
4137Pressure vessels such as air tanks and welding gas tanks. Socket Head Cap Screws
4140Forged crane hook, aircraft piston cylinders
5160Cr-Va valve springs
52100Steel bearings
9260Torsion bars
9310Automotive gears (Carburizing grades)
Grade 8 Bolt A,Q&T 1032 to 1050 Yield Strength is 130,000 Psi
Grade 5 Bolt Same but Yield Strength is 92,000 Psi

Tool Steels
S1 Chisels & other impact tools
H13 High temperature forging dies
M or T Cutting tools such as drill bits